Afternoon Tea at Pangi Restaurant

b Hotel Bali & Spa is always try to get the best thing to have their customer to try another new dishes every day. However, now chef is coming to give new pastry experience for those to try one. Everyone knows it if this is an Afternoon tea, however we give it a try a new thing, ITS BIG..!! Hah, are you sure ??

Well, I belive you wont’ miss it when hear the cost for one this big bite meals, only IDR. 55,000 net per person. Well, try to get at the big restaurant, you will have them cut your pocket to deep lost, and got nothing. Eh? Then see what we provide you, additional to this meals is discounted of 10 % for every drink you spend with us.

What you think? Good to try right? Come to b Hotel Bali & Spa and lets try this big bite meals at Pangi restaurant.

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